Structural Health Monitoring Using Machine Learning Techniques and Domain Knowledge Based Features

Nguyen Lu Dang Khoa, Mehrisadat Makki Alamdari, Thierry Rakotoarivelo, Ali Anaissi, Yang Wang

Human–Computer Interaction Series

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is a condition-based maintenance technology using sensing systems. In SHM, the use of domain knowledge is essential: it motivates the use of machine learning approaches; it can be used to extract damage sensitive features and interpret the results by machine learning. This work focuses on two SHM problems: damage identification and substructure clustering. Our solutions to address them are based on machine learning techniques and robust feature extraction using domain knowledge. In the first problem, damage sensitive features were extracted using a frequency domain decomposition, followed by a robust one-class support vector machine for damage detection. In the second problem, a novel clustering technique and spectral moment feature were utilised for substructure grouping and anomaly detection. These methods were evaluated using data from lab-based structures and data collected from the Sydney Harbour Bridge. We obtained high damage detection accuracies and were able to assess damage severity. Furthermore, the clustering technique was able to group substructures of similar behaviour and detect spatial anomalies.

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