Our success in state-of-the-art research and commercial applications have been widely recognised by various research and innovation awards.

Australian Smart Cities Awards - Finalist 2019

The UTS Data Science Institute has been selected as finalist for the 2019 Australian Smart Cities Awards (Research and Innovation category). This is a recognition of our current research work in transport, water, energy and air quality combining artificial intelligence with smart city modelling.

Victorian iAwards - Merit Recipient 2019

Western Water, CSIRO's Data61 and University of Technology Sydney have successfully applied advanced machine learning techniques to predict water pipe failures. Armed with this ability, water utilities can mitigate pipe failures, save maintenance resources and proactively renew the water mains in a cost-effective way, reducing impact on customers and lowering its cost to serve.

Eureka Prize for Excellence in Data Science 2018

The Smart Infrastructure Team received the 'Oscars of Australian science', Australian Museum Eureka Prize for Excellence in Data Science in 2018. The team has developed a tool that uses data-driven techniques to make intelligent predictions about failures, helping prioritise the selection of pipes for maintenance, reduce costs and minimise disruption to water supplies. A suits of other innovative analytical solutions of chemical dosing, energy management and customer demand prediction facilitate infrastructure owners to have intelligent, efficient and cost-saving system and help the industry significantly in increasing productivity, safety and customer satisfaction.

Australian Water Research Innovation Award 2018

The team received the Australian Water Association Research Innovation Award for NSW, and was highly commended for the national award in 2018 for their research and delivering real benefits to the water industry. We work with Sydney Water collaboratively, researching advanced analytics approaches to solving water industry challenges, including water pipe failure prediction, customer segmentation, demand analysis, sewer corrosion prediction, optimising water quality, predicting sewer chokes and prioritising active leakage detection areas. The aim is to achieve better services for customers and to deliver world class network performance.

New South Wales iAwards - Merit Recipient 2017

When applying data analytics to water pipe failure predictions, this approach provides financially viable solutions to effectively reduce maintenance costs, and efficiently allocate capital investment.

ANNY Excellence in Analytics Award - Finalist 2016

The International Institute for Analytics (IIA), the leading independent research and advisory firm focused exclusively on helping clients improve their analytics performance, selected our team as the finalist for 2016 ANNY Excellence in Analytics Award. The ANNY Award recognizes an organization’s application of advanced analytics to drive measurable business results at the project or organizational level.

NSW Water Professional of the Year 2016

In 2016, Dr. Fang Chen was awarded NSW Water Professional of the Year to acknowledge her efforts and contribution helping water utilities to prioritize capital expenditure and minimize economic and social impact. Dr. Chen has spent much of her career in the water sector and has achieved great success in the creation of advanced data-driven analytic solutions serving for more than 20 worldwide water utilities. This pioneering work has supported a diverse range of owners and maintainers of civil and industrial assets, and helped avoid significant cost and social impact.