The Ostomachion Process

Xuhui Fan, Bin Li, Yi Wang, Yang Wang, Fang Chen

AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Stochastic partition processes for exchangeable graphs produce axis-aligned blocks on a product space. In relational modeling, the resulting blocks uncover the underlying interactions between two sets of entities of the relational data. Although some flexible axis-aligned partition processes, such as the Mondrian process, have been able to capture complex interacting patterns in a hierarchical fashion, they are still in short of capturing dependence between dimensions. To overcome this limitation, we propose the Ostomachion process (OP), which relaxes the cutting direction by allowing for oblique cuts. The partitions generated by an OP are convex polygons that can capture inter-dimensional dependence. The OP also exhibits interesting properties: 1) Along the time line the cutting times can be characterized by a homogeneous Poisson process, and 2) on the partition space the areas of the resulting components comply with a Dirichlet distribution. We can thus control the expected number of cuts and the expected areas of components through hyper-parameters. We adapt the reversible-jump MCMC algorithm for inferring OP partition structures. The experimental results on relational modeling and decision tree classification have validated the merit of the OP.

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